In 2011, a group of friends who were all UI alumni and resided in the Washington DC metro area, gathered to reminisce about their time at university. They sang and played music, rekindling memories of their freshmen year when they sang “Hymne Alma Mater Universitas Indonesia”, “Gaudeamus Igitur”, “Rayuan Pulau Kelapa”, and many other songs at Balairung, the main hall of UI. This was a time they always looked back upon fondly.

ILUNI UI - USA Chapter

Universitas Indonesia (UI), a state-owned educational institution that bears the name of the nation, has been instrumental in producing experts in diverse fields. With its inception in 1950, UI is considered one of the most prestigious universities in Indonesia and has been responsible for shaping the careers of the best scientists in the country. Furthermore, in the social and political arenas, UI plays a crucial role in steering the direction of the nation’s journey.

UI recognizes the significance of integration in becoming a World-Class Research University. To reinforce the UI alumni network spanning multiple faculties and regions, both within Indonesia and abroad, the ILUNI UI – USA Chapter was established in 2013. This initiative has enabled us to expand the UI network to the United States.

The mission of ILUNI UI USA is to establish and enhance a mutually beneficial and enduring relationship between Universitas Indonesia, its alumni, and current and future students.