Veritas, Probitas, Iustitia!

As the best educational institution in Indonesia, UI has produced experts in various fields. In the field of science and technology, UI produces the best engineers and scientists whose research results are used not only by local scientists, but also international scientists. Whereas in the political field, UI has an important role where many are important policy makers.

UI realizes that integration is needed to lead to becoming a World Class Research University / World Class Research University. For this reason, in 2007 UI formed a directorate of alumni relations to foster relations between alumni and universities.

In 2008, UI managed to gather alumni across generations, up to nearly 50 years in a major event, namely “Home Campus Alumni” or “Homecoming Alumni”. Now UI is on its way to creating a closer relationship with its alumni to explore all the potential of mutual relations between the best educational institutions in Indonesia with superior human resources in various fields, which is none other than UI alumni.

And now, in 2013, we are proud to establish the UI – USA Chapter ILUNI and expand the UI network to the United States!

Let’s join ILUNI – UI USA Chapter to get to know each other, exchange experiences, ideas, thoughts and expand networks to form strong synergies for a better Indonesia.

Brief History

The idea of ​​establishing the Iluni UI USA Chapter began in Rockville, Maryland, when seven UI alumni and their families often gathered. Realizing that most of them are UI alumni, singing Mars UI songs and other songs that are often sung at Balairung bring their own memories.

During a visit to Washington DC in the beginning of April 2012, Mas Dibyo, a conductor of Paragita who was known to almost all UI students from class 84 and above, was invited to visit Rockville, and encouraged them to immediately organize UI alumni to unite and make a positive contribution to UI. One year later, on April 21, 2013, at Wisma Indonesia Tilden, Washington DC (residence of the Indonesian Ambassador to the United States, Mr. Dino Patti Djalal), 19 UI alumni from various faculties, gathered together to discuss the possibility of forming an organization that is more from just an association to unite all UI alumni in the USA and work together to help UI to always be progressive and great not only in Indonesia and even internationally.

Informal small meetings take place. And after various preparations, on September 21, 2013, Iluni UI USA Chapter was officially established in the Inaugural Night event attended by the UI Alumni Relations Team which happened to be holding a Tracer Study for UI alumni in the USA. Iluni UI USA Chapter has a commitment to channel scholarships for prospective UI students who need them.

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